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Briquetting press Falach 70



FALACH 70 is briquetting press which is already equipped with automatic shut-off. It will be a very good assistant with low failure rate and high resistance. If you do not know what to do with sawdust or shavings, here you have the ideal solution.These types of presses have increased volumes of the oil tanks instead of the hydraulic oil cooler.

Technical data of briquetting press FALACH 70

The table below will provide informations about important technical parameters of briquetting press FALACH 70

Type identification FALACH 70
Dimensions – lenght – width – height222 – 120 – 151 cm
Briguette diameter70 mm
Press capacity60 – 80 kg/hod.
Weight of press840 kg
Hopper volume0,75 m3
Pump motor input7.5 kw
Power consumption4.9 kw/hod.
Oil coolerne
Automatic switching-ouano
Specific weight of briguettes900 – 1100 kg/m3
Maximum noise level68 dB

The equivalent level of acoustic pressure at the operator´s post does not exceed 70,0 dB ( 68 dB ).

Warranty and post-warranty service of briquetting presses FALACH

FALACH company provides 12 months guarantee on all kinds of briquetting presses FALACH and further agrees to hold customer service 10 years after the warranty period.

Important information when operating briquetting machine

  • Prohibition of connecting devices to the divorce, which does not match valid regulations (allowed variation of the nominal amount of power supply voltage is 10%).
  • Do not exceed the setting of maximum pressure of 14 MPa.
  • Any repair, modification, maintenance and cleaning work is to be carried out when the machine is turned off, disconnected from the power source.
  • Do not expose the press to excessively moist environment and protected it against weather conditions.
  • When the machine is operating avoid direct contact with moving parts of the press (mainly the front clamp and press die, then the feeding wheel inside the hopper).
  • It is prohibited to extinguish press, when energized, with water or foam fire extinguisher, because there is a risk of electric shock (recommended extinguishing powder, snow or halon).

We confirm that this briquetting press FALACH 70 satisfies the conditions of the following specifications and standards:

ČSN EN ISO 12100-1, ČSN EN ISO 12100-2, ČSN EN 60204-1, ČSN EN 61000-6-4, ČSN EN 55011, ČSN EN 982, ČSN EN 954-1, ČSN EN ISO 14121-1.


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